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GFP has specialized in food packaging products for over 10 years, offering a variety of product customization services, and has been committed to the research and development of new eco-friendly materials. We are looking for partners in worldwide brand operations.

GFP is responsible for product development and manufacture, with a focus on market development and regional service .

If you share our vision, please read the following information carefully:

Inside Bright Advanced Semiconductor Production Fab Cleanroom with Working Overhead Wafer Transfer System

The Franchise Procedure

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1 To join the intention,
fill out the application form.

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2 Preliminary negotiations to
determine cooperation intentions

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3 Factory tour,
inspection, or VR factory

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4 Thorough consultation,
interview, and evaluation

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5 Sign a

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6 Expert
knowledge instruction


Terms of Cooperation


1. We need you to fill out the form and offer your personal or business information.
2: You should undertake preliminary market research and assessment of the target market before developing your business strategy, which is an important document for you to obtain our authorization.
3. All of our partners are not permitted to manufacture or use promotional materials from other brands.
4. Distributors are legally registered businesses or individuals.
5. Dealers agree with GFP's basic business attitude and are willing to follow GFP's business standards.
To learn more details, please click the button below to contact us

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Advantages of Joining Us


The food packaging sector not only has a large domestic market, but we believe that the worldwide market is even larger.

GFP will become a worldwide-renowned brand within the next ten years.

We are officially drawing additional partners in the global international market and welcome your participation.

Franchise Support


We will provide you with the following support to help you quickly enter the market, recover investment expenses as soon as possible, and perform a good job of business model and sustainable development:

Certificate support
Research and development support
Sample support
Support for network advertising
Free design support
Exhibition support
Sales Bonus support
Credit support
Professional service team support
Regional protection

For more support, our foreign business manager will explain in detail for you after joining.

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Company & Factory

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Our samples are provided for free, and there is a low MOQ for customization.
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