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Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Nowadays, Sustainability, Environmental Protection, Health those 3 topics getting more and more important with the science and technology and timing changes. However, packaging is influcing them a lot, what can we do then?

This can happen in a number of ways:
Ingredients: Using raw 100% recycled or raw materials, 100% compostable material
Production process: By minimising the production process, supply chain and carbon footprint
Reusability: Creating a circular economy around the packaging, extending its life cycle and usability.
For example, plant-based packaging may seem like a viable option. But quite often that means clearing endangered rainforests to grow crops. So we only use material with FSC certificated, ensure that any wood-based products (like kraft paper, cardboard) are made from sustainably-sourced forests.
We are as possible as I can to use more fast regeneration resource and Bio-based materials,such as Cornstarch, Bagasse,Bamboo pulp,PLA/PBS/PBAT and so on.

Because with more being done to battle climate change, taking care of the earth has never been more important.

For many larger brands, going ‘environmentally friendly’ perhaps is nothing more than a PR stunt, but but it does interacts with consumer behavior. Not all of customers are doing blind consumption and and a simple recycling logo doesn’t always carry a lot of weight.
Sustainability and environmentalism aren’t at the forefront of your brand’s defining features.
But eco-conscious packaging can give you an edge over your competition.

Let's do it! Do something good for our envirment together, let's customize the Sustainable Packaging for your great brand.

Our samples are provided for free, and there is a low MOQ for customization.
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